Embroidery Digitising

Small Design

Delivery time for logos with less than 4000 stitches: Next business day

Left Chest/Caps

Delivery time for logos up to 15 cm height or width: Next business day
No stitch count limit

Jacket Back

Delivery time for logos 15 cm or more in height or width: Within 2 business days
No stitch count limit

Left Chest & Caps Combo

Delivery time for Left Chest & Caps Combo: Next business day

Left Chest & Jacket Back Combo

Delivery time for Left Chest & Jacket Back Combo: Within 2 business days

Digitising Cap/Simple Art Combo

Delivery time for Digitising Cap/Simple Art Combo: Within 2 business days

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Vector Artwork

Simple Artwork

Simple Vectored Artwork delivered the next business day.

Complex Artwork

Complex Vectored Artwork delivered within 2 business days.

Super Complex Artwork

Super Complex Vectored Artwork delivered Within 3 business days