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Embroidered Badges

Your design will be embroidered on a solid base fabric.

Woven Badges

If your design has small print or fine detail woven badges are recommended for a clear implementation. Lightweight, great for sports synthetic materials.

PVC Badges

In this rubber badge your subject is accurately applied with small font.

Embroidered Keychains

Customised high quality embroidered keychains

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Types Of Backing


Additional costs £ 0.10 per badge

Iron on (Heat Press)

Additional costs £ 0.10 per badge

Velcro (One Side)

Additional costs £ 0.20 per badge

Velcro (Two Side)

Additional costs £ 0.40 per badge


Additional costs £ 0.15 per badge


Additional costs £ 0.25 per badge
Order Process
Order process

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Delivery Period
Delivery period

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Thread Chart
Thread Chart

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Fabric Colors
Colors for background fabrics

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Quantity Delivered
quantity delivered

The minimum order quantity is 40 pieces, we also deliver large quantities of over 1000 badges.

Terms of Payment
Terms of payment

You can pay by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.