1. How do I know you provide quality work?
We are a respected, multi-award winning embroidery digitising company based in Coventry. As a respected and recognised global supplier of embroidery digitising over the past 15 years, we have the capacity to create over 700 designs each working day.

Our principle aim is to ensure that we will always provide you with quality workmanship on your designs - It’s the least we can do when you trust us with your business…

Although this may well sound a little clichéd, we genuinely do care AND it really DOES matter why your embroidered sew-out may not look as good as you’d expected! Simply call us to discuss the issues you have with the design and we’ll have the amended version back to you within a few hours…
2. Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?
Absolutely! We will always send you your invoices at the beginning of the following month (once your design(s) have already been completed).

We do NOT charge for any quality edits – we simply raise a re-order (a free edit with a unique reference number) and complete it within a few hours. Should you require an edit to your design, simply reply to the latest email you have received containing your completed files and let us know what changes you require [If it all possible please always attach a scan/photo of your sew-out so that our editing department can fully appreciate what they need to work on and hence complete your request ASAP].
3. How much do you charge per design?
Please Click here for viewing our prices
4. What is your turnaround time?
Embroidery Digitising:
Left Chest (less than 5” in height / width) – guaranteed next day delivery; Same day delivery (within 4-6 hours) at a premium rate of £20.00 + VAT
Jacket Back designs (more than 5” in height / width) – within 2 working days

Vectoring Artwork:
‘Simple’ Artwork (requiring less than 5 hours work): £10.00 + VAT
‘Complex’ Artwork (more than 5 hours to complete): £15.00 + VAT
‘Super Complex’ Artwork: Prices on application
5. Do you have any examples of your work?
Click here to visit our design gallery.
6. What formats do you accept?
Please Click here: Embroidery Digitising | Vector Artwork
7. What formats can you deliver?
Please Click here: Embroidery Digitising | Vector Artwork
8. How will I receive my digitised/vectored artwork files?
We will email you the design files upon completion. You also have an option to download your designs online if required – you can think of it as a backup but as part of our service we store all your completed design files (including all edits) in our archive folders on our website
9. What types of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by Visa/MasterCard and PayPal. Full Payment details will be shown on your invoice/statement.
11. How can I contact you directly?
Yes You can email us at order@digitisingmart.co.uk OR call us at 02476 664991.